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Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear Vibrating Screen

Baichy linear vibrating screen is driven by double vibrating motor to separate different particle size clearly. It is a small or medium sized screen with internationally advanced level. Linear vibrating screen can be single layer or multi layer.

  • 0.074-60mmFeed Size
  • 1-6Motor Power
  • 1-30t/hProcessing capacity

What is linear vibrating screen?

Linear vibrating screen is one kind of universal light vibrating screen equipment. It adopts two vibration motors as the vibration source to make the material jump in straight line way. It can be equipped with single or multi-screen to achieve the grading, removing impurity, separation, testing, washing,selecting and dehydration etc.It is used to screen and separate ore, coal, sand, powder, pellets or rocks in very large quantities.
sand screen for sale single deck vibrating screen
sand screen for sale single deck vibrating screen

How to use vibrating screen ?

The motor should be fastened on the installation surface, and the installation surface must be smooth and flat.

Try to start the two vibration motors, and require the two vibration motors to run at the same speed in opposite directions. If it runs in the same direction, just replace the power wiring of one of the vibration motors.

In the early stage of operation, check the anchor bolts at least once a day to prevent loosening.

Regularly check whether the coarse mesh, fine mesh and spring are fatigued and damaged, and whether various parts of the fuselage are damaged due to vibration, and the parts that need to be lubricated must be lubricated.

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  • High Quality

    Low energy consumption, low noise and long service life.

  • Customized Design

    Tightness with little dust spilling. It can be enclosed or connected with duct collector.

  • Good Performance

    Screening of high precision,screen up to 0.074mm.

Product features

It can be used for automatic production line due to fully enclosed structure.

Working principle

The linear vibrating screen machine uses vibration motor as vibration source. Materials are put into the inlet of the screen machine by the feeder evenly. The sieved materials are jumped and moved in the straight movement at the same time.So the materials are separated to different sizes through the screen. Separated materials are discharged from different outlet.


Model Screen size(mm) Particle size (mm) Screen slope (°) Double amplitude(mm) Layer Frequency(r/min) Power(kw)
SZF-520 500X2000 0.074-60 1°-7° 3-4.5 1-6 960 2x(0.37-0.75)
SZF-525 500X2500 2x(0.37-0.75)
SZF-1020 1000X2000 2x(0.55-1.0)
SZF-1025 1000X2500 2x(0.55-1.0)
SZF-1225 1200x2500 2x(0.75-1.5)
SZF-1230 1200x3000 2x(0.75-1.5)
SZF-1235 1200x3500 2x(1.5-2.0)
SZF-1530 1500x3000 2x(2.0-2.2)
SZF-1535 1500x3500 2x(2.0-2.2)

*The output will vary according to different materials, feed particle size and other factors