Blast furnace slag (GGBS) grinding plant in India

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Blast furnace slag (GGBS) grinding plant adopt crushers and vertical roller mill, transfer waste slag into GGBS fine powder, widely used in slag cement, not only slove pollutions but also bring huge economics benefits.


GGBS grinding plant produce fine powder, which is a high quality concrete mixing material, greatly improve cement characters also save more cost.

Beginning of August, clients from India Nagpur immediately decide to let Baichy offer them completed GGBS grinding plant design and all machinery. GGBS is high hardness, clients need finished powder is very fine (350-500mesh), so has high standard on grinding mill parts wearing-resisting and its durable, powder collecting and separating technology more advanced. Besides, whole plant also include dust collecting, conveying, storage etc system. 


Middle of September, All equipment well prepared, we finish loading and shipping procedures smoothly. Baichy engineer also ready to customer job site complete installation and debug working, Let’s witness the miracle of waste slag into wealth!




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