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The correct debugging of Raymond mill is very important. It is related to the later production can run normally. Baichy Machinery will introduce how to install and debug Raymond mill, hoping to help more users understand and correctly use Raymond mill equipment.


1.Before starting the grinding mill

Check whether there are iron blocks and other debris in the working chamber, check whether the bolts and nuts are loose, and check whether all access doors are closed tightly, and then adjust the steering of the fan and main machine.




2.Running with no material loading

2-1.Before Raymond mill running without load, the grinding rollers should be tightly wrapped with a mesh rope to avoid contact and impact between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and then the main machine should be run dry for no less than 1 hour; the main machine should be running smoothly, and the oil temperature in the box should be kept stable. It shall not exceed 80℃ and the temperature rise shall not exceed 40℃. ​
2-1. The blower should be started without load, and then loaded again after the operation is normal, and then observe that it runs smoothly without abnormal noise and vibration. The temperature of the rolling bearing should not exceed 70°C, and the temperature rise should not exceed 35°C.
2-3. No load operation time cannot be less than 8 hours. After the Raymond mill works normally, there is no abnormal noise from the whole machine, and there is no air leakage at the joints of each pipe. Tighten the fasteners again and it can be put into normal use.



3. Starting the Raymond mill

When starting the Raymond mill, start the analyzer first, then the fan, and then the host. After starting the host, material should be added immediately, and the feed must be even. Too much material will block the air duct and reduce output, which can easily burn out the motor. Too little material will reduce output and the equipment will make louder noise. The discharge valve at the discharge port must be closed when starting the machine.




4.Shutting down the Raymond mill

When shutting down the Raymond mill, you should also stop feeding in sequence first, wait until the material in the working chamber has been ground and the sound becomes louder, then turn off the main machine, then turn off the fan, and then turn off the analyzer.




People Also Frequently Asked For-FAQ

What is a Raymond mill?

A Raymond mill is a grinding machine that grinds materials into fine powder. It's also known as a Raymond roller mill. It is used in cement plants to grind raw materials like limestone, coal, and gypsum. They can also prepare mineral powders and coal powder.

What are the parts of Raymond mill?

The Raymond mill is composed of the main frame, grinding roller, grinding ring, scraper blade, classifier, motor, ventilation device, analysis machine, blower, spring, belt, access door, etc.


What is a gypsum mill?

A gypsum powder grinding mill reduces large rock materials into smaller materials. This makes the gypsum easier to work with. Our machines are engineered to handle any gypsum size reduction project.


How do you use a grinding machine step by step?

1.plan the grinding activities before you start them
2.obtain and prepare the appropriate materials, tools and equipment 
3.mount and set the required workholding devices, and set and secure the workpiece
4. set and adjust the machine tool speeds and feeds to achieve the component specification (where appropriate) 


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