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Ceramic lined ball mill is a type of ball mill using 90%-96% aluminum oxide (alumina) brick as lining to grind hard material, such as minerals, glass, advanced ceramics, minerals for ceramics (feldspar mineral) etc . The brick is very hard (9 on the Mohs hardness scale) and will not contaminate most products too. Feldspar mineral is used to make dinnerware and bathroom and building tiles. In ceramics and glass production, feldspar is used as a flux. A flux is a material that lowers the melting temperature of another material. In this application area, there’s high requirement about whiteness and purity.

When ball mill vessel rotates and the media is lifted and cascades down, the particles are milled down to 1 micron or less between the grinding media by the many impacts. Whats’a more, Ceramic lined mills have the advantage of being self-contained so operators are not exposed to the milled product. So, ceramic lined ball mill is most suitable machine to grind feldspar powder.

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Ceramic lined mills can be used equally well for wet or dry grinding. The ball mill type could be continous or batch. Batch type ball mill is popular in India in past years. To get higher capacity and higher purified feldspar powder, Indian companies are beginning to recognize and invest in continuous ball mills.

Baichy Machinery get a such order about large ceramic lined ball mill in continuous type to grind feldspar powder. We built it perfectly and delivered to Indian’ client this month. Client adopts the dry type ball mill with air classifier system. After ball mill grinding process and air classifying, the final feldspar powder could be packed to sell. This is an economical invest to produce feldspar powder.

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