30sets gold wet pan mill ship to Mauritania

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At beginning of April 2018, 30 sets gold wet pan mill is loaded into containers successfully to ship to Mauritania. Henan Baichy Machinery company is mainly in manufacturing gold ore processing machinery such as gold ore crushers, wet pan mill, ball mill etc. Especially, gold ore wet pan mill is popular in west Africa due to low price good profit.

Most important part for gold wet pan mill is the grinding roller. To get longer lifetime, it is better to use manganese steel without too much air hole. These characters could be observed by our naked eyes. Look at our wet pan mill machine in below pictures.

Gold wet pan mill for sale.jpg

Wet pan mill is named by the diameter of roller, such as Φ 900, Φ 1000,Φ 1100,Φ 1200, Φ1300,Φ 1400 etc. It has the features of low cost, good benefits, easy installation and maintenance, quick and low-cost production. So wet pan mill is ideal equipment for gold seprating in small invest but high yield.

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