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Silica is also known as silica or quartz sand. It is a kind of refractory particles, using quartz as the main mineral composition with grain size between 0.020mm and 3.350 mm. According to the different mining and processing methods, it is divided into artificial silica sand and washed sand, scrub sand, selected (flotation) sand and other natural silica sand. Silica sand is kind of silicate minerals with hard, wear-resistant, stable chemical properties. Its main mineral composition is SiO2, silica sand color is milky white or colorless translucent. Silicon sand is an important industrial mineral raw materials, widely used in glass, casting, ceramics and refractories, metallurgy, construction, chemicals, plastics, rubber, abrasive and other industries.

To get high quaity silica sand, after the quartz stone is crushed, the grains need to wash and dry using relative machinery. Baichy sand washing machines have the features of high washing quality, dehydration rate, large capacity and low energy consumption. And the most important point is that there is very little sand loss during the sand washing process. It can remove ultra fines -150 microns from artificial sand and natural sand, finally get output sand dewatered to 12% moisture content.

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Then the high mositure silica sand needs to pass totary drum dryer to remove the water content. The rotary dryer could be choosen single drum dryer or three drum dryer. Single drum dryer is characterized by high drying capacity, stable performance, low energy consumption, high productivity, etc. The three return dryer is an efficient combined three cylinder dryer. Large three-barrel dryer, usually 6-7 meters long, is divided into straight barrel and conical barrel. It has compact structure and less floor area, which is one-half of the same output single-cylinder drying area. Both of them are suitable machine to get high quality sand.

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