Buying the right jaw crusher could save time, improve efficiency and also save money in the long term. You must know which machine is right for the material you want to crush. For an example, some materials could have a high amount of silica, leading them to be difficult to crush. Sandstone is much more abrasive and usually wears the liner down quickly. Similarly, there are additional factors you want to remember before purchasing the jaw crusher


1.Use of the jaw crusher

What is the hardness of the material that you will process? The maximum force or comparative strength is necessary to know before getting crushed. Primary jaw crushers can process hard and abrasive materials, like ores, granite, basalt, or recycled concrete.


2.Output of the jaw crusher

How much output do you want jaw crusher to offer every month? You need to determine the desired output to get the right jaw crusher. For example, if you are intending sell 450,000 tons each year, you may call for a crusher that may produce 37,500 tons each and every month.


3.Mobility in the crusher

Does the jaw crusher to various sites, or use in a dedicated factory? The jaw crusher could be mobile type of stationary type. Stationary jaw crushers provide heavy-duty crushing of materials. However, mobile jaw crushers will allow you to hook it to truck to various locations. Also it is save time to make foundation.


You will not have to bother about crush hard stone materials upon having the right jaw crusher. Follow this buying guide to get the right model for your business.

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