Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a kind of high energy and high efficiency cone crusher. It is named by its external insurance structure composed of multiple groups of hydraulic cylinders.


At present, there are two kinds of common multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher in the domestic market. Its external structure is basically similar, but its internal structure is very different. 

One type is to use the spindle fixed on the frame, eccentric sleeve around the spindle rotation, driving the moving cone swing movement structure, which is true multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. 

The other type is the use of spindle and moving cone one driven by eccentric sleeve spindle and moving cone together to do swing motion structure. It is from spring cone crusher changing the external insurance structure. So it is a false multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. 


There is also some difference between the two prices. What's the price difference? Feel free to contact us for more information. This is a hydraulic cone we just delivered yesterday, complete with hydraulic oil station, refrigeration system and so on.


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