Tailing Recycling Machine

Tailing Recycling Machine

[ Capacity ]: 1-14 t/h

[ Applicable Material ]:

Tailing recycling machine is the ideal equipment for iron ore recycling plant to recovery iron powder from iron tailing.


Recovery iron powder from iron tailing. Absorption and extraction of magnetic materials in the river sand.Reextract and recycle the low grade magnetic separation and waste slag etc

Working principle:

This product is very suitable for the efficient recovery and utilization of the magnetic materials from waste slurries. Its magnetic system is made up of a group of bare-mounted magnets, which are arranged according to a certain gap.

After the pulp flows into the chute from one port of it, the magnetic materials will be absorbed on the surface of the magnetic plate fixed in the chute, and the nonmagnetic pulp will be discharged from the other port of it. Under the action of rotating magnetic plates, the magnetic materials are exposed from the pulp level and enter the unloading area. Being thrown into the ore collector by the ore-unloading chute, the magnetic materials will be collected and output by the ore collector.


1. Stable machine body, and reasonable structure

2. Easy to operate, convenient to maintain, lower power consumption, and long service life.

3. According to capacity of user's tailing, the recycling machine can be divided into 4 unions, 6 unions, 8 unions, 9 unions, 12 unions, etc.

5. There are many diameter options of the recovery disk for users to choose, including 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and so on.


Model capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Dimension(mm)
GX-6 1-2.5 2.2 1700X1500X1350
GX-8 1.5-4 3 1700X1600X1350
GX-12 3.5-14 5.5 1750X2200X1400

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